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About Us

The name Market Detective indicates the type of software (Technical Analysis Charting software) being sold here by the developer company, Microforce. Microforce is a sole proprietor business owned and operated by myself, George Damusis. I am a senior software developer who has been programming Microsoft Windows applications since late 1987 when Windows 1.01 was just launched by Bill Gates. From 1979 to 1985 I worked as an assembly language and Basic language operating system utilities programmer for Jacquard Systems, and then Epson. My duties for Epson included tech support for their CPM notebook computers and utilities programming. I also wrote an assembly coded user interface for the 7220 graphics chip in their QX-10 desktop. In 1985 I developed the original version of the Market Detective stock and commodity charting program in the Basic language. It was then marketed under different names by two commodities trading specialists/educators/authors - Joe Ross (visit and Fibonacci theory expert Joe DiNapoli (visit From the late 80s to the early 90s, I worked for Cantor Fitzgerald as a Windows applications programmer and charting software developer. I put in many thousands of hours developing specialized Windows applications using the C and C++ languages. In the 90s I rewrote Market Detective for the Windows environment in the C language, and later converted it to Microsoft's C++ language. In the meantime, from late 1995, I did contract work for a telecommunications company and developed a telecommunications software package called Traffic Cop and Traffic Ticket in the Microsoft C++ language. I believe that my eighteen years of experience in writing Microsoft Windows applications should be a more than adequate resume to convince a potential customer that my software will perform on a professional level.

As a freelance charting software developer, I am also available for developing specialized charting applications for stock and futures market professionals. Currently, I am also making the Market Detective source code available for purchase by investment firms based on licensing agreements that will prevent their competing with me in the marketplace, but will allow them to extend the capabilities of the program for their own private or institutional use. If you are an interested party, please go to my Source Code Offer page and read my business proposal.


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