Source Code Offer – For Investment Firms Only

I have a business proposal, but only for any investment firm interested in developing their own stock/commodity technical analysis charting software. As a fulltime Microsoft Windows C/C++ language software developer for different software developing companies since 1988, I have suffered the frustrations, disappointments, and uattainable deadlines of complex, multi-year Windows software development projects. That is why I believe it is a wise business practice to simply buy the appropriate, pre-existing, and time-tested application source code before ever embarking on a long term development project. In the specific case of market charting software, you could save yourself over two man years and $150,000 worth of software development costs just by purchasing my Market Detective (MD) program’s state-of-the-art charting source code. My code represents almost twenty years and many thousands of hours of software evolution. My charting program started out as a Basic language and assembly code program running on the Epson QX-10 CPM machine in the mid-eighties. Soon after, I converted it to run in the DOS world of IBM PCs. In the nineties I transformed it into a C language program for the Windows environment. In the past few years I have completely redesigned it as a Visual C++ program running under the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems – Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XT.

The object oriented, modular, and professionally structured Visual C++ source code, developed with the Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compiler, makes it an ideal candidate for rapid future development by any newly hired C++ language programmer. I would make myself available for reasonable support with a company’s further development. For a mutually agreeable purchase price, and an end user license agreement to never resell the source code, the source code can be yours to use and develop as you see fit. By simply buying this source code you would be jump starting your development project with a complete, stand-alone application with crisp, clear, multi-functional charting graphics, state of the art GUIs, and multi-format data handlers. These available features would free you to quickly add all the public domain and proprietary studies you desire, as well as real-time data processing from any vendor you choose. You could even buy a complete software library of all the technical analysis studies in existence from third party vendors for under two hundred dollars, and interface to them from MD with API calls. Such major studies as Stochastics, RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, %R, CCI, Moving Averages, Point and Figure, etc., and my own innovative Market Detective Indicator, are already in my source code. Features such as writing text on a chart, dragging a line to create Trendlines and Fibonacci Retracements, and a detailed and comprehensive online Help menu with its Rtf source file are also provided. The code can read all the Metastock data formats, which include the MASTER, EMASTER, and XMASTER files. MD reads and automatically deciphers all of the industry standard Ascii format data files, as well as the old CSI format files that are indexed by the QMASTER file. The selection of these files is then performed from a sorted list of descriptive symbols displayed within a dialog box. Both Daily and Intraday historical data files are automatically discriminated and charted without prior manual setups by the user. MD also contains code that once handled the real time internet data provided by the unique and highly acclaimed Market Stream M3 Data Server software, which since 2003 is available only to institutions. However, whatever you eventually choose as your real time data service, the existing real time data handling code can still be used as a template to interface to it. You could save yourself six figure development costs, not to mention all the programming time typically spent on the graphical charting details that are already incorporated in this code. My code has been thoroughly tested and debugged over the past couple of years, and will detect bad charting data, invalid user entries, missing parameter values, etc., to prevent a program crash. I believe that my Market Detective C++ source code is very understandable and well commented for any new programmer to deal with. You could buy this EOD stock and commodity charting application for a price you would never get from a large firm – a price that only an independent developer like me could offer.

If you are seriously interested in my business proposal please send me a direct email at In the meantime you should read the Program Features page and also download the Demo version of MD and test all of its features.These features are described in great detail in my online Help menu, and throughout this website’s pages, where many samples of my chart graphics are displayed. It’s true that MD does not have all the bells and whistles and sophistication of the multi-million dollar, large enterprise products like TradeStation, eSignal, and Equis’ Metastock, but its GUI and chart graphics for basic technical analysis are as fast, crisp, and clean as theirs, and very user friendly to interact with. Analyze its features with the MD Demo program, and feel free to make me any offer.